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BMW E9X LS Swap Harness

BMW E9X LS Swap Harness

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Harness Version
Injector Connector
Throttle Body Connector

This is a plug and play engine harness for an LS motor to a Holley Terminator X and Terminator X Max ecu, specifically designed to fit in a BMW E9X chassis. 

This harness is currently built to order

Expected Lead Time: 3 Weeks

Key Features: 

- Perfect fitment for easy routing and a clean uncluttered look 

- Retains normal Holley terminator features (Power tap connector, I/O connector, and CAN connector)

- LSe9x Holley CAN to BMW CAN conversion box wiring harness is already integrated with this harness (conversion box not included)

- A Breakout connector is integrated into the harness, along with a mating connector and terminals to connect your bmw key on and key cranking powers, CAN, throttle pedal, and fan signal to the Holley Terminator ECU

- Included is a water and corrosion resistant fuse holder PDM with all of the necesary fuses and relays to ensure safety to all of your components and most importantly your ECU

- The harness is already set up to power 1 to 3 fuel pumps (one factory fuel pump, and 2 extra fuel pumps to use in a surge tank or run all 3 fuel pumps in a fuel cell)

- Integrated wiring to the starter solenoid for ease of install. 

- A relay is used to control one auxilary fan or pump (aux oil cooler, power steering cooler, or transmission cooler) 

- Detailed installation instructions included to correctly integrate the electronics from the LS powerplant to you BMW E90

All harness's are wrapped in protective tape, resistant to dust and debris. Splices are sealed with adhesive shrink tubing, making sure no corrosion occurs. 

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