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Holley Flex Fuel, Alternator, Boost control Harness

Holley Flex Fuel, Alternator, Boost control Harness

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Flex Fuel
Boost Control

This plug and play harness gives you the ablity to add a flex fuel sensor, alternator excitor and boost control solenoid/dome pressure sensor to your Holley system without the need to modify your harness in any way. The harness works with Holley Terminator, Dominator and HP ECU's.

5 Options: 

- Flex fuel only

- Alternator excitor only

- Boost control only

- Flex fuel and Alternator

-Flex fuel, Alternator, Boost control

 *The alternator harness will only work with the 4 pin alternator found on most older GM vehicles. The boost solenoid has a Deutsch DTM 2 pin connector with the necesary parts to addapt any two wire solenoid to plug into this harness. the dome pressure sensor is a standard round 3 pin connector found on most gm pressure sensors. 

All harness's are wrapped in protective tape, resistant to dust and debris, splices are sealed with adhesive shrink tubing, making sure no corrosion occurs. 

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